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Ten Reasons to Mediate
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1.  Mediation can almost always make a bad situation better.  

2.  Resolution through mediation can occur in one session. 

3.  With the help of a trained, skilled and neutral third party, you craft your
     own agreement and control the outcome.      

4.  Mediation is generally much less expensive than litigation.

5.  Mediation is confidential.   

6.  Mediated agreements can be as creative as you are.

7.  In contrast to litigation, mediation can work to restore a relationship.

8.  Mediation is an informal process that encourages you to share your side
     of the story without interruption.

9.  Mediation can enhance your communication and conflict resolution skills.

10.​  Mediation can be healing and empowering.

Who Should Mediate?

1. Landlords & Tenants

2. Employers & Employees

3. Co-workers

4. Parents - married, unmarried, divorced, divorcing

5. Parents & Teens

6. Friends

7. Clients & Contractors, Merchants

8. Neighbors

9. Anyone in need of a reasonable accommodation

10. Anyone contemplating a lawsuit