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Mediation is for (Almost) Everyone
While mediation is almost always a better alternative to court, mediation isn't for litigants alone.  A skilled mediator can make all the difference when helping to resolve disputes with your teen, sister, best friend, 
co-worker, employer, tenant, landlord, neighbor, contractor, mechanic
. . . almost anyone.
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What is Mediation Like?  

Mediation is an informal get-together with the person or persons with whom you are experiencing conflict.  With the help of a trained and neutral mediator, you are afforded an opportunity to explain your point of view, clarify any misunderstandings, listen, explore options, and negotiate an agreement.  
What is Mediation?  

Mediation is assisted negotiation.   
"Very helpful service.  Helped me to see both sides."
Quotes from Phyllis Roestenberg's Mediation Evaluations:
"[I learned] that things can be worked out through sitting down and talking."
"Even though I went into mediation not believing there could be a compromise - there was."
"I thought it was perfect -"
"[I learned] that an unbiased third party is capable of assisting in conflict resolution without emotional or personal involvement.  In our case that was a skill that was required."
"[Phyllis Roestenberg] was professional and fair."