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Conflict Resolution Workshops
Perhaps nothing is more damaging to a business than conflict between partners, co-workers or clients.  Regardless of whether your workplace is openly hostile or seething beneath the surface, unresolved conflict can reduce productivity, derail a business' progress or destroy its reputation.  As an employer or supervisor, the task of resolving conflicts may ultimately fall to you.

Learn how to better-resolve conflict with customers, clients, business partners and employees.  Offer conflict resolution training or mediation in your workplace.  It can transform your business in the best of ways.  

For more information or to schedule a workshop or mediation, call:  303.955.8417 or 303.837.0872.

Interested in learning more?
Conflict Resolution Workshops are also available to parents, landlords, tenants, caseworkers and anyone else interested in enhancing his or her ability to resolve conflict.  Call for more information or to register for the next Workshop:  
(303) 955.8417 or (303) 837.0872.