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Mediation Works. 
Phyllis A. Roestenberg, Esq. 

Mediation works.  It can work when participants think
 it won't, when they think their situation is impossible, even when they expect it to be a waste of time.  
If you're alive, you're going to experience conflict.  Unresolved conflict can destroy families, friendships, businesses and neighborhoods. Resolving conflict through mediation can change your life in the best of ways.  

Sure, most people recognize that mediation is a better alternative to litigation, but what most people don't realize is that mediation can be used to help you resolve any conflict. 
A skilled, neutral mediator can help you reach resolution.  Call for more information, to schedule a mediation or to sign up for a conflict resolution workshop:  (303) 955.0872 or (303) 837.0872